The Sun has risen

The sun has risen
With a waggling tail
Of red and honey hues.
A day has come with a Spring
In its step,
And a sea to bring my dreams
To you.


Homecoming Sun

The tundra has wiped its face in Dawnlights
And my thoughts have run off
To balance on the crowns of trees
To witness the year’s first rising
Of the homecoming sun.

The coming of Light

Gray and mute.
There is no cadence in the wind,
As if numbed by the winter forest.
There is a stench of sorrow
Shrouding all safe exits.
Even the tide is holding its breath.
Then, a blossoming of light,
Soft violet and blush,
Splitting the ocean in a glittering trail
Of rose gold and silver.
The echoing cry of seabirds,
And feathers shivering
In the eddies of the wind.